Gandaki Province Government

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management

Directorate of Agricultural Development

Pokhara, Nepal


1. Emphasis on commercial production of potential crops by identifying specific crop areas based on the potential of the specific location.

2. To promote the development of agricultural technologies with the participation of agricultural entrepreneurs, private sector, research centers, agricultural universities and to develop and expand resource centers.

3. Collecting, analyzing and distributing agricultural price and market information as well as developing the necessary infrastructure for market management.

4. By connecting agricultural production with agro-based industry, keeping parallel between log production and industry.

5. Conducting production programs that help in crop diversification, commercialization, business promotion by making maximum use of land use.

6. Giving priority to intensive crop production in irrigated areas, small irrigation and the utilization of water resources in agricultural productive areas.

7. Conducting agricultural development programs targeting the upliftment of backward farmers and women.

8. Emphasizing the development and expansion of agricultural tourism.

9. To promote conservation, promotion and use of local, indigenous, endangered crops.

10. Emphasizing the implementation of plans and programs for the utilization of fallow land by discouraging the trend of keeping arable land fallow.

11. Emphasis on the adoption of technology development, follow-up, adoption, reduction of losses during production and storage in the production, processing, storage and distribution system of agricultural produce.