Gandaki Province Government

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management

Directorate of Agricultural Development

Pokhara, Nepal


1. Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, plans, programs related to agriculture at the state level.
2. Propagation and expansion of appropriate agricultural techniques recommended by agricultural research at the local level according to geographical potential.
3. Coordinating and supporting necessary for achieving effective results of the programs conducted in Gandaki province.
4. Proper management of resources, mobilization and effective coordination and cooperation with relevant agencies related to agriculture.

5. Analyzing the progress reports received from the agencies under him and transmitting them to the relevant agencies.
6. Coordinating, directing, monitoring, nurturing, collaborating with the farm centers, laboratories, and agricultural knowledge centers of the state level.
7. Close coordination and cooperation with agricultural agencies within the province for the implementation of effective and result-oriented programs.
8. Implementing federal policies and standards for modernization and commercialization of the agricultural sector.

9. Studying, researching and surveying on issues related to the agricultural sector.
10. Collecting, analyzing and distributing agricultural price and market information as well as building and developing the necessary infrastructure for agricultural market management.
11. Connecting agricultural production with agro-based industry and maintaining continuity between production and industry.
12. Conducting production programs that help in crop diversification, agricultural commercialization and business promotion so as to make maximum use of land use.

13. Encouraging the use of environmentally friendly agricultural products, proper use of natural resources, reduction of pesticides, climate adaptation activities.
14. To promote conservation, promotion and consumption of local and endangered livestock for food and nutrition security.
15. Monitoring and quality control of the supply system of agricultural materials including state-level fertilizers, advanced seeds.
16. To develop and promote the cultivation of food grains, cash crops, vegetables and fruits.

17. To encourage the use of agricultural tools and machinery to reduce the production cost of agricultural commodities