Gandaki Province Government

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management

Directorate of Agricultural Development

Pokhara, Nepal

Important news
S.N Title Category Published Date Publisher
1 NAFHA Notice: Notice about Fruits farm establishment Important news 2081-01-14 View Details
2 Applicant selection notice Important news 2080-11-06 View Details
3 Applicant selection Notice [ Cold room] Important news 2080-10-05 View Details
4 Applicant selection Notice [Source Seed] Important news 2080-10-05 View Details
5 second notice for proposal submitting Important news 2080-05-18 View Details
6 Notice regarding submission of applications for programs of FY 080-081 Important news 2080-05-08 View Details
7 notice about service charge Important news 2080-04-22 View Details
8 Applicant Selection Notice [Agricultural Production Collection Center] Important news 2079-11-09 View Details